Introducing me

A developer.

I work in the Cloud Security group at Cisco London, and am passionate about Agile, TDD, and Continuous Delivery.

A geek.

I love Heroku and Scalatest. I am beginning to appreciate Scala and Akka. I play with most of these during a typical work week.

A people person.

I like people almost as much as I do computers. I find recruitment, developer training and mentoring almost as much fun as I do coding.

A wanderer.

I gained an education in Scotland, Germany, and India, and have worked in diverse environments in England and Scotland.

Once a journalist and blogger.

I used to work part-time for an Indian news magazine. I used to attempt on a regular basis to write a humorous blog.

A reader.

Yes, that sounds clich├ęd, but I'm always happiest in the company of Wodehouse, Tom Sharpe, Bryson, and Conan Doyle. And no, I don't particularly like Douglas Adams. It's my evil twin that likes Lady Gaga, not me!